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Those already published online still sell like hot cakes in printed versions, though the books are quite expensive, according to local fans.

A Facebook user told Tuoi Tre Efforts to wipe out slushy Chinese fiction Members of a group which was launched last month on Facebook are making efforts to eradicate the detrimental prose.

Rubbish Chinese fiction which is rife with mawkish and sexual elements has cast an insidious spell on a large number of Vietnamese teenagers and young adults and been thus a great cause for concern among parents and the general public Shelves topped with around hundreds of books of such kind are now easily seen at most local bookstores and invariably packed with buyers and perusers, who are mostly middle and high school students.

Such books’ magnetic appeal is even more evident among the online community, as the books always receive staggeringly huge numbers of views and comments.

Diep Lac Vo Tam, one of China’s four currently most-loved oversentimental writers, whose pen-name is written in Vietnamese transcription, has been pampered with profuse adoration from her Vietnamese fans just like any K-pop stars.

Her exchanges held earlier this month in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi were filled to the rim with local buffs.

Several are also plagued by a worrying frequency of sex scenes, incestuous relationships, and sexually deviant elements such as polygamy.

In Vietnam, at least 1,300 cases of sexual violence against children are reported each year, according to the United Nations.Many of them are casually written and sloppily edited.However, the genre has grown into at least two derivatives in recent years.On her project’s Facebook page, "1001 Portraits of the Goddess", young people have praised, thanked and encouraged the 32-year-old Australian artist for her recent water color portraits of sexual abuse survivors in Vietnam.The realistic, humble paintings depict strong women wearing the traditional , each with their favorite flower pinned on their collars, as well as ethnic women in vivid traditional dresses.

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While conventional oversentimental stories cause young readers to stray away from reality, indulge themselves in fantasy and far-fetched dreams, and shy away from school work, such sexually-riddled prose is considerably more damaging and even obsessive to youngsters.