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Since the early age of sixteen years old I've dreamt of being involved in ways that can make a difference.The publications below are a small part of my efforts to make that happen."— Daniel J.Cox’s photographs have been featured in several articles, news clippings, and magazines throughout his career.Click a cover image below to access a PDF file or to read the online version of the article (if available). Cox ueam up to showcase the life of a polar bear cub who comes to realize she isn’t like everybody else in the Arctic.Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish tells a positive tale that inspires acceptance of one’s unique characteristics.

"This isn't a scientific analysis conducted by clinicians in lab coats, but a poll of real pros working in the real world.

Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon chronicles the facts and stories, and includes breathtaking photographs and fascinating artifacts.

More than ninety magnificent color photographs capture the intelligence and grace of these mysterious cats as they hunt for prey, traverse their extensive ranges, and raise their cubs.

Although their population is today greatly reduced, elk are extraordinarily adaptable to both forest and prairie and are still found in many of the western mountains and plains states.

This collection of beautiful full-color photographs by master photographer Dan Cox is divided into four chapters corresponding to the seasons of the year, depicting the wild elk in a range of pristine natural settings and at every stage of its life, from awkward calf to powerful, antlered adult.

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The result is a list of worthy winners that help make professional photography easier, more creative, and more efficient."r, the official magazine of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), has helped readers advance careers in the photographic industry.