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Years after their divorce, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner remained deeply in love.

I believe you have to button your lip and bear it if your ex-husband finds a glamorous new partner whom your children choose to adore.

Just as he made a crack at her expense, he saw her out of the corner of his eye and that was it: he felt the irresistible pull an ex-wife so often exerts. But what would have happened if he had started a new relationship before the old spark was rekindled?

His new partner would doubtless have fallen prey to the dreadful insecurities of Second Wife Syndrome.

Certainly she shares the sort of anxieties that used to plague me when I was a second wife.

This is why I often find myself sympathising — unfashionably, I suppose — with the Kates of this world.

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Of course it’s difficult, but the vital thing is that they have adjusted well, and surely your successor is to be applauded, not blamed, for making them happy.

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